Association Agreement - 10th Anniversary activities programme

23 June 2022

EU-Central America Association Committee and Subcommittees in Brussels

The 8th annual Association Committee of the EU-Central America Association agreement will take place in Brussels on 23 June 2022 to discuss bilateral trade matters of common interest between EU and Central America.

This committee takes place at a particular moment as we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the signature of the Association Agreement in June 2022. Subcommittee meetings as well as the Civil Society Forum will also take place between 31 May and 24 June 2022 to discuss issues such as Customs, Sanitary and Phytosanitary matters, Access to Market, Technical Barriers to Trade, Public Procurement, Intellectual Property Rights and Trade and Sustainable issues.

27-28 June 2022

Presentation of EU-CA AA to the WTO CRTA in Geneva

EU and Central America will officially present to the WTO Committee on Regional Trade Agreements the EU the trade pillar of the EU- CA Association Agreement. This transparency exercise gives an opportunity to initiate a discussion with the other WTO members about the content and implementation of the agreement.

5-7 July 2022 (TBC)

Labour Conference on the implemention of ILO conventions in Guatemala

Opportunity to reunite key stakeholders from partners in Central America to discuss labour issues such as informal jobs, child labour, freedom of association and exchange good practice, share ideas and inspire future action.


6 April 2022

EU conference on sustainable transport in Spain

22-23 End of March

Sub regional Workshop on policy dialogue on Sustainable Agriculture

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